Letter to the editor: Senate must see justice be done

Staff Writer

Senate must see justice be done

The president has power, but there are caveats. A president must obey laws and answer to Congress.

Trump abused his power, broke laws and denies accountability. There are five reasons why senators will convict him and remove him from office.

1. Trump’s misdeeds are spectacular. He withheld aid, extorting a vulnerable country for his personal benefit. As Congress investigates, Trump stonewalls. If the Senate doesn’t convict, Trump will get away with outrageous offenses.

2. Trump is a repeat offender. He knew that accepting foreign help for political purposes was illegal; he extorted Ukraine anyway. If he is not punished, he will do this again.

3. Trump is a cheater. If he is not removed from office, we are guaranteed a rigged election because he will cheat again.

4. Trump rejects Congress’s authority. If the Senate does not assert its power, it will hand Trump the crown of a king.

5. Trump’s unchecked actions set a precedent. Every future president will be free to defy Congress, undermine the Constitution, and break the law.

The president has power and responsibility. So does the Senate. Following the Constitution and asserting the Senate’s Constitutional power are at the heart of Trump’s conviction and removal.

Elizabeth Stevens, Topeka