Social media: What readers are saying

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Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Pratt Tribune Facebook: Dog chooses her own human

Susan Burns: This us just so wonderful!!!

Kim Chandley McClurg: Amazing story! Molly was meant just for you, I gift from heaven and a a very special lady I would say!

Oakley Stephens: I am ugly crying. So sweet!

McPherson Sentinel Facebook: Kansas regulators laying groundwork for commercial hemp production

CJ Irwin: But are they looking out for the farmer or just themselves

Scott Hagerman: It uses way too much water to be efficient in the majority of the state.

Newton Kansas Facebook: Seeking protection against race-based hair discrimination

Craig Webb: I am pleased to see that Kansas in doing so well that it's Senators have become so bored they have time to create solutions in search of a problem.

Sarah DeLeon (Craig Webb): just because you are not aware of the problem doesnt mean it doesnt exists

Steve Nelson: Ridiculous

Phoebe Merryfield Garcia (Steve Nelson): isn't it? How stupid there has to be a law to allow people to wear their hair like they want! Smh

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Senate passes abortion amendment

Cat Miglionico: Such wonderful news, maybe some wonderful couples who have been waiting years will have the opportunity to adopt. ALL LIVES MATTER! Even in the Uterus.

Rachael Roth: Pro forced birthers waging their fake wars. Please let us know when you are truly going to be concerned about the life of another person. Your voting records, the policies that you support and the leaders you support are a telltale sign.

Debbie McCarthy: Makes me question moving back to KS. The decision is between the woman and God.

Shana Phillips: If it's not happening in your uterus it is not your business.

Carla Green Deniston: Yessss!! Halleluja

Salina Journal Facebook: Editorial -- Pompeo's petty actions diminish his standing

Deborah Webb Cheswick: I agree with all except the line that says “He is better than this”. In the initial interviews following Trumps call with the Ukrainian President he repeatedly evaded answering questions and never revealed he was on the call until someone else revealed that fact. He is consistently arrogant and condescending to reporters. When asked For clarification on his answers, he is defensive and in no way diplomatic.

Jeff Geist: Then maybe reporters should be trustworthy. But we know the media is falling down the sewer, so henl should expect it.

Mary Louise Parker: I definitely agree. So disappointed in him.

Mimi Priest Newman: Awful. Petty just like the WH occupant.

Pittsburg Morning Sun Facebook: House panel advances bill ending spousal exemption to sexual battery

Regina Vino: And.... people wonder why women and GOOD men still march for their rights!?!

Mason Lovelace: The fight is not over. We press on for egalitarianism.

Shawn Moss (Mason Lovelace): are married people now treated unequal under a law which treats them equivalent?

Hutchinson News Facebook: Ari Fleischer predicts a Trump vs. Sanders ballot

Alex Shumpert: Know who else thinks it can happen? The millions of donors and volunteers involved in Sanders grassroots campaign.

Lester Yutzy: Trump by a land slide