Letter to the editor: Kansas constitution holding strong

Staff Writer

Kansas constitution holding strong

Happy birthday, Kansas! You're looking svelte for almost 16 decades. Times sure have changed, no one is being murdered over the argument of Slave State vs. Free anymore. Your constitution specifically protected the right of autonomy because of slavery, which makes it special. Free black women could terminate a pregnancy, caused by their previous owner.

It has survived every legal attack by Brownback, after they are thrown out or lost. Many blamed "activist judges" and the general moral degradation of society, but that is wrong. It is your perfect words that uphold this right.

We know the misconceptions and stereotypes about the "pro-choice" folks. Truly, we value family, women and children. There is no valid reason to give personhood to an embryo. An amendment for such violates the intention of those drafters of our constitution, declaring Kansas to be Free.

Choice is freedom.

Emily Garrett, Salina