Letter to the editor: Values of Watkins, Kansas don't align

Staff Writer

Values of Watkins, Kansas don't align

In November 2018, the 2nd Congressional District in Kansas narrowly elected Steve Watkins to the House of Representatives. While Rep. Watkins’ run-in with voter fraud has been widely publicized, more than just his fraudulent behavior reflects negatively on the Republican Party.

Rep. Watkins’ voting pattern is detrimental for Kansas. His “pro-life” stance is not reflected in his treatment of those after they have been born. Last year, Rep. Watkins voted against the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act. First introduced last March by House Democrats, HR 1585 amends the Violence Against Women Act to expand transgender rights, increase protections for survivors of domestic violence and restrict certain gun ownership for convicted abusers.

Though the bill passed with a bipartisan majority early last April, Rep. Watkins disregarded an opportunity to improve battered women’s quality of life. His website states he will protect 2nd Amendment rights for law-abiding Kansans to maintain our safety. Rep. Watkins supported domestic abusers who are not law-abiding Kansans and jeopardized the safety of domestic violence victims.

As young adults residing in the 2nd district, we have a different vision of what Kansas politics should look like. This vision includes politicians with integrity and expertise on what their constituents support. It is essential we vote for candidates who will foster an inclusive, safe future for all Kansans. That future should not include Steve Watkins serving in the U.S. Congress.

Grace Kessler, Topeka, and the Kansas High School Democrats