Letter to the editor: Government shouldn't deny religion

Staff Writer

Government shouldn't deny religion

The Jan. 22 CJ article on the differing moral teachings of Jews and Catholics about abortion suggests this simple remedy. Kansas government should let those people of the Jewish faith practice their religion, which allows abortion, and should let those people of the Catholic faith practice their religion, which forbids abortion.

On these religious disputes, governments should not take sides. As the U.S. Constitution says, government shall make no law that prohibits the free exercise of religion. There is no need to force a divisive public vote. Following one’s chosen faith should never be up for popular vote.

Kansas government should allow each Kansan to follow their religion, whether Jewish, Catholic or something else, This is the respectful, nondivisive and constitutional way for government to honor the religious faiths of all Kansans.

Kent Munzer, Topeka