Letter to the editor: An open letter to Kansas' senators

Staff Writer

An open letter to Kansas' senators

The Trump administration is the most corrupt in our nation's history, and the GOP complicit with its agenda.

YOU have a choice here: either continue to be a cog in the GOP machine, or to THINK about the impact of this administration's agenda on America's citizens, and vote for the benefit of your constituents rather than corporations and the wealthy, and for America's future rather than to maintain the GOP's stranglehold on political power.

So far, you have supported widespread cuts to public education, a devastating relaxation of environmental regulations and cuts to programs upon which millions of Americans depend not for luxuries but to stay alive. May I remind you that America's aged have paid into Social Security and Medicare their entire lives.

Now, you have voted against calling witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial. The evidence against Trump is overwhelming, but you want to ignore it so that the GOP doesn't lose face and power.

You have a choice here: to go down in history as TOADIES of this administration, or as men voting their conscience and taking a moral stand against corruption. I am ashamed of you, and I weep for the future of our Republic.

Iris Gonzalez, Topeka