Social media: What readers are saying

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Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

President Donald Trump acquitted on both impeachment charges

Pratt Tribune Facebook:

John Shelman: As it should be. If any charges are to be filed, it should be against the democrats for their unjust attempt to overthrow the president.

Steve Burkhalter: Trump is still our President!!! Prosperity continues!!!

Christy Zeltner: Dark day in America when party is chosen over the Constitution and democracy. What a disgrace.

Salina Journal Facebook:

Sue Tucker: Absolutely not! (Roberts), as many others did, sold their soul because of the school ground bully. He should be ashamed!

Renee Shelby Park: Kansas native...moved to AZ...and I'm proud to see so many republicans here who are voicing their opinions based on what's right, not what's 'Party'.

Dan Peterson: I thought the Senators from Kansas would have more courage. Sad

Brooke Pickrell: Yes. This was in short a coup an attempt to destroy our republic.

Connie Davis: No. History will tell how egregious the Senate Republicans have been in the wrong.

Susan Walker: Obviously a set up. Do not agree

Hutchinson News Facebook:

Jacqueline Sullivan: I love our President Donald Trump. I believe in you.

Kevin Duer: Does it stand the "if Obama did it" test? No, not even close! If Obama had done this, the Republicans would have ran him out of D.C. on a rail.

Johnny Pope: Vote this man out come November. Along with the rest of them who aided trump to obstructing justice. Does this now mean rule of law applies to nobody? Including we the people?

Tammy Cook Bradford: Why do they keep messing with trump?? It always turns out on his favor! Give it up Dems!!!

Hays Daily News Facebook:

Peggy Haynes Brungardt: Think we should have seen the documents and heard from those whom were told they could not testify because of privilege.

Kim Beach: Yes. The sham in The House should have never happened. Where is the 18th witness testimony?

Mary Sparks: If you don’t let witnesses testify then how do you have evidence one way or the other?

Stan Detrixhe: As Senator Romney proved, Roberts has the guts of a mouse.

Ottawa Herald Facebook:

Terry Turner: Yes. I look around at my liberal friends and their lives are in turmoil. We need some peace so they can expend energy on healing and not politics.

Nathaniel S. S. Tinsley: Funny how Trump himself blocked witnesses from testifying. That's not what an innocent person does.

Bryan Holland: The whole thing has been a sham from start to finish

Larry Fisher: TRUMP 2020...TRUMP 2020...TRUMP 2020...TRUMP 2020...

Larry Everhart: If I am accused of a crime I want the Republican Senate to be the jury. No witnesses to be called!