Letter to the editor: Decision cuts against NIA efforts

Staff Writer

Decision cuts against NIA efforts

On Jan. 7, at the Topeka City Council Meeting, District No. 2 Councilwoman Sandra Clear and Bill Fiander, planning director, sold out North Topeka West NIA’s Neighborhood Plan that the city government ask all NIA’s to have. Our neighborhood plan has been in place for some years now.

I know for a fact Mr. Fiander knew this because I have recently talked to him about it. Clear didn’t even know if a business was located in North Topeka West NIA. Maybe because she never talked with the NIA’s in her district. Only when she wanted that $10,000 raise that she received.

Because Fiander and Clear gave the green light to let a business put gravel down for the parking lot and not asphalt or cement, we now will have another junkyard setting in North Topeka.

If you don’t believe me, go look what North Topeka West NIA’s already has located at 1640 N.W. Taylor. Cars are only going to sit there until they are worked on.

Teresa Miller, Topeka