Letter to the editor: Fine unapproved fireworks in city

Staff Writer

Fine unapproved fireworks in city

I was sure there is an ordinance against shooting fireworks, in the city? Maybe this should be enforced, at ALL times, not just when there is an exception, like New Years (four hours) Fourth of July (six hours) and Super Bowl parties. If there is an EXCEPTION, maybe ALL the residents should be informed of that exception.

Last year the city — at the last minute — gave a permit to shoot fireworks off at the Avondale East parking lot. They did NOT bother to let residents know of this, until the 911 calls came in. Loud booms for three hours.

There are seniors who do not need all this noise, and there are dogs who do not need the aggravation; along with those with PTSD.

I understand the LAW is the LAW, but seems like there are too many if's, and's and but's. What a great way to make some funds to help with the budget by giving out fines.

Joyce Stuckey, Topeka