Skyline continues re-accreditation work

Gale Rose
Pratt Tribune
The Skyline Board of Education approved the retirement request of Bob Lee as music teacher at their regular June meeting, last Monday.

Skyline’s journey towards re-accreditation continues to be on the right path.

The district received good comments from the accreditation On-site Validation Team during their visit to Skyline on Monday, June 8, said Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education, on June 8.

The administration and faculty presented their plan for the district as well as data to support the success of those plans. The visitation team appreciated that the data could identify areas of success and celebration. The data also reflected areas that need improvement and help come up with a plan to do so.

“The visit went good. There was good dialogue between us and the team. We learned a lot,” Flowers said. “

Flowers, 7-12 Principal Herb McPherson and Pre-K-6 Principal Diane House met to review the information and determine where the district goes from here, what are the goals and work on the plan for the future. Skyline is in the fourth year of the five year accreditation.

The OVT is made of local administrators who conduct evaluations and send a report to the Kansas Department of Education. The team at Skyline included a special education director, a principal and a superintendent.

The fee schedule for 2020-2021:

• K-4th Grade: Textbook rental and supply fee $115.

• 5th and 6th Grade: Textbook rental, supply fee and lock fee $132.

• Middle School: Textbook rental and supply fee $160.

• High School: Base textbook rental and supply fee $140; additional course supply fees: Accounting/advanced accounting $20; agriculture course lab fee $20; Algebra I graphing calculator fee $20 (students may opt to purchase their own TI81 calculator, students progressing in advanced Math courses will be required to purchase a TI84 prior to entering Algebra II); Intro to Eng/comp aid man/drafting and CAD $20; Cull Ess/arts and baking class lab fee $20; Photography course fee $20; Art course lab fee $20. Maximum class fee rate for 2020-2021 will be $60.

• Additional fees for 5-12: Band instrument rental $66, athletics and High School physical Education towel fee $15.

• Lock Fee: $10 (a one time lock fee is charged to all new students entering into the district after August of their 5th grade year.)

• Skyline Activity Pass: Student-$18, Adult-$41, Family-$115.

• Meal Prices: Breakfast: K-4 $2.10, 5-12 $2.15, Adult $2.50. Lunch: K-4 $3.25, 5-12 $3.60, adult $4.20.

• K-4 Afternoon milk $0.40 (milk prices may fluctuate during the year.)

• Pre K Fees: $25 deposit to purchase snacks; family qualifies for free meals-No charge; Family qualifies for reduced meals-$55 per month x 9; Full rate $110 per month; $10 per child attending Skyline x 9.

Driver’s Education (Summer Class): Student attending Skyline-$120; Student attending elsewhere-$225.

The coronavirus continues to impact education. Flowers said Kansas State Department of Education will be able to give out more information in July as they are waiting until they can see the impact of opening public entertainment facilities such as Walt Disney World and Silver Dollar City has on the spread of the virus. They are waiting on that information.

The KDOE information help districts operate in a safe manner. They also have to ensure that every student is learning what they need to learn.

But as far as the virus is concerned, there are not a lot of answers now.

As the district continues to move forward with its plans for the 2020-2021 school year, exactly what funding will be available from the state is still a question.

“Money from the state is a guess,” Flower said. “We have been told we will be able to fill the budget for next year.”

Nothing new has happened since the last quarter report. Board members Rick Shriver and Nicole Curtis volunteered to meet with Flowers to work on the budget. Randy Ford of Busby Ford Reimer audit firm will meet with Flowers on June 30 too wrap up the budget.

Regular school activities are underway. House said summer school was underway with 22 students participating. Some students are participating through the remote option.

Communication on the COVID-19 crisis continues. Business Manager Dave Schmidt meets with the Department of Emergency Management daily. Superintendents are meeting once a week.

A pair of education traditions are now scheduled later than usual. Prom 2020 will be held on June 27 at Merchant Park. A graduation ceremony is set for 2 p.m. on July 11 at Skyline. More information on both events is forthcoming.

After reviewing the 2019-2020 school year, it became apparent a change to the 2020-2021 calendar was necessary.

“We need to spend more time with teachers before school starts,” Flowers said.

Teachers will be brought in on Aug. 25 and 26 for planning meetings. Classes are scheduled to start on Aug. 27.

In other action, the board approved:

• Andrew Nation: Athletic director and conditioning coach.

• Anita DeWeese: Agriculture and FFA.

• Jane Melroy: PDC committee chair.

• Kim Lee and Angie Tobin: High School cheer coaches.

• Lacey Robinson: Middle School cheer coach and pep club sponsor.

• Morgan Ballard and Lexie Maloney: Publications/yearbook.

• Susan Neifert: ESL supervisor.

• Steven Novotny: 5-12 Band and sound system manager.

• Retirement of Bob Lee as music teacher and supplemental contracts.

• Resignation of Kenny Eddy as teacher and conditioning coach.