Archery students assist beginners at Blythe Family Fitness event

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Pratt High School student Shauna Phye assists a young archer as she learns to properly hold and shoot a bow and arrow at the Blythe Family Fitness archery exposition last week in Pratt.

School hasn't started yet, but several Pratt High School archery students helped children and adults practice or learn archery on Monday, August 9 as a part of the Blythe Family Fitness 10th Anniversary celebration.

Students who helped with the 3-hour event were Brett Boor, Abigail Kendall, Jesse Kemper, Shauna Phye, and MacKenzie Shanline.

The students are part of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) year-round team sponsored by Michelle Popovich. This program provides a system of training in archery using compound bows.

"The Blythe event gave local students a great opportunity to share what they have learned and the skills they have acquired while acquainting community members with a lifelong sport that is accessible to anyone," Popovich said.

The PHS archery program recently added varsity archery to their program which gives students who have learned the basics with NASP the opportunity to use advanced compound bows that take them the next step above bare-compound bows.

"Students increase skills while learning skills that can help them become lifelong archers," Popovich said.