Golf season canceled for high school teams

Kahrie Stegman

Pratt High School seniors Mac Smith, Jonathan Popovich and David Chesney missed out on their final seasons of spring sports, but they are keeping their sights set on their futures.

Mac Smith was planning on playing tennis this year, and this would have been his third year playing tennis. COVID-19 affected Smith by interfering with his plans to go to Texas over spring break. He struggled with being stuck at home.

“I was about to lose my mind,” Smith said.

Even though it was tough, seeing Facebook video updates from Superintendent Tony Helfrich made him feel better.

Greenback Jonathan Popovich has been playing golf since his sophomore year, and he may be continuing in college. This season, he was looking forward to playing as a senior and at the different golf courses.

From his years playing golf, Popovich has learned an important lesson and hopes younger athletes learn it as well.

“Listen to your coaches and take their advice,” Popovich said.

Popovich also took part in the Archery Club at PHS and competed at several meets. Many tournaments were canceled this year however.

As Popovich transitions into his life after high school, he is looking forward to starting an internship and isn’t worrying too much.

“(I’m) doing whatever I can to move forward without worrying about things I can’t change,” Popovich said.

Pratt High senior David Chesney was also planning on playing golf this season. No additional information was available from Chesney.