The Blonde Grill offers unique fare for western Kansas and 99th Meridian diners.

If you seek a dining experience beyond burgers and fries and don’t like the hassle of the big city, then Coldwater may be just the destination for you.

Furthermore, coming from Pratt, you don’t have to travel too far into town before arriving at The Blonde Grill, Coldwater’s newest entry into the restaurant market.

Owner Nicole Herd opened the restaurant on April 18, 2013 after running a catering business in Coldwater for four years. A “soft opening,” announced solely on Facebook, attracted 100 people, Nicole said. Since then she said business has been “very good.” In fact, it has been so busy that the restaurant has yet to have its grand opening.

Perhaps it’s the variety of menu items available that brings customers back for more. The names are creative: choose from a Saigon Sammie or Albuquerque Chirpy sandwich or just enjoy a Mad Greek salad. Of course, you will still find burgers here, but this is definitely not your daddy’s hamburger joint. How about a Badabing or a PB Bacon Burger?

Nicole’s father, Darrell Frazier, told me on a recent visit that a lot of locals have set a goal of eating every item on the menu. That might take awhile, as the menu offers five pages to choose from.

So far, I have tried a Brisket Blue sandwich and a Q plate, which includes 1-3 meats with your choice of two sides, Texas toast, and a six-pack of sauces. All of The Blonde Grill’s sauces are homemade and the BBQ sauces include Carolina (vinegar-based), Alabama (horseradish), Georgia Gold (mustard), Java (espresso), Hellfire (hot peppers), and the house BBQ. It’s definitely worth ordering a Q plate at least once so you can sample all of the sauces and decide upon your favorite (Hellfire was mine but I avoided the Java).

Besides homemade sauces, Nicole also said that her meats are house-cured and smoked.

The restaurant itself offers an attractive place to dine and is located in the former Timberwolf Café building. The hardwood floors and attractive booths in the main dining area offer an aesthetically-pleasing place to enjoy your meal.

Be prepared to wait awhile, depending on what you order and how packed the restaurant is. Just remember the saying, good things take time.

While waiting on your meal, you may want to wander over to the bakery showcase and see the latest homemade creations. When I visited this past week, selections included Pumpkin Muffins, Coconut Dream Cupcakes, PB Marshmallow Brownies, Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes, and several pies, including Toffee Crunch, Lemon Meringue, and Strawberry.

If I haven’t whetted your appetite enough for a visit, check out for a full look at the menu.

If you go once, you’ll probably be back—to try something different. The Blonde Grill is well worth the drive.