Despite dealing with injuries and a lack of depth all season long, the Pratt High girls track and field team has risen to the challenge at each meet this season, proving that they belong among the top teams in Class 4A.

Despite dealing with injuries and a lack of depth all season long, the Pratt High girls track and field team has risen to the challenge at each meet this season, proving that they belong among the top teams in Class 4A.

Friday at the Winfield regional, they proved themselves all over again, this time against some of the toughest teams in the state, taking third place as a team and qualifying seven girls for the state meet next weekend.

“I’m really proud of our kids,” said head coach Jeff Fuss. “This makes two years in a row we’ve come to the most difficult regional I’ve ever seen, and our kids were mentally tough and just rose above all the nervousness and hoopla of being in a tough meet. They just competed all day.”

The Lady Greenbacks were led by Dominique Staats, who qualified in both the 400m and 800m races in addition to both the 400m and 1600m relays. Aubrey Hoover and Cheyenne Becker each qualified for three events as well. Kaylah Romine finished third in the 3200m run while Connor Reh qualified in the long jump and freshman Jenson Maydew took fourth in the shot put.

“They did what I thought they’d do all year long,” Fuss said. “We’re getting healthier. Jenson Maydew, she qualified for shot put despite not throwing for a while with a torn meniscus in her knee. Being a freshman, this is a big deal for her.”

While Fuss knew his team had some strong individuals on both the girls and boys side of things, he was surprised to see all four of his relay teams qualify for state. Qualifying on the boys side in the 400m relay was Austin McClain, Robbie Eggelston, Mac Callaway and Brady Seidel. In the 1600m, Eggelston and Callaway were flipped for Payson Maydew and Matt Swank.

“We weren’t sitting very well coming in to regionals, but all four of them qualified,” he said. “I am really proud of our kids.”

For the boys, Swank managed to break his personal record at the Winfield regional, qualifying for the discus with a 151-5 throw to take fourth.

Seidel qualified for the most on the boys side, anchoring both relay teams and qualifying in the 100m dash with a fourth-place finish.

“Brady had a good day,” he said. “He was eighth coming in to regionals and just missed third in the 100, so he really competed well. He knew he was going to have to run well to get in there and he was right in the pack.”

Maydew qualified in the 300m hurdles despite trailing the pack a bit toward the end of the race. Two athletes in front of him tripped on the final hurdle, allowing Maydew to qualify for state.

“We’ll take it,” Fuss said. “You’ve got to be mentally tough and disciplined enough to make sure you don’t trip over the last hurdle. The two kids ahead of him weren’t disciplined and he was, so he got in there.”

Fuss said he emphasized to his team that all they needed to do was run their best and try to finish fourth or better.

“You don’t have to get first, you’ve just got to get in,” he said. “Once you get in the top four and you get there, then we’ll see what happens.”

The Winfield regional was the toughest in 4A, with many of the top times in the state coming into the meet recorded by athletes in this region.

“It seems like the way they’ve done it the last few years, this is where a lot of the talent is right now,” he said. “You’ve just got to fight through it and compete. We’ve competed well and there’s some really good schools in our regional. We knew if we could get to state out of this regional, that we’d be in the mix. We’re going to bring home some medals, there’s no doubt about it.”


4A regional track

at Winfield


Team scores

Andale 75, Maize South 60, Pratt 58, Cheney 57, El Dorado 53, Rose Hill 38, Clearwater 36, Kingman 35, Circle 30.5, Ulysses 26, Mulvane 25.5, Wellington 24, Hugoton 16, Winfield 14, Trinity 8, Augusta 2.

State Qualifiers

3200m relay – Rose Hill (Anderson, Decker, Bradley, Slade) 10:11.83; Ulysses (Branscum, Chisolm, Calderwood, Rodriguez, Barlow) 10:26.59; Hugoton (goode, Hamlin, Kinser, Hoskinson) 10:33.73; El Dorado (Anders, Clites, Hadley, Saltsman) 10:33.76. 100m hurdles – Tjaden, Clearwater, 15.24; Grubbs, Maize South, 15.71; Mertens, Kingman, 15.73; Hoover, Pratt, 15.88. 100m dash – Grubbs, Maize South, 12.67; Allen, Mulvane, 12.81;f Needham, Cheney, 12.82; Simon, Andale, 12.84. 1600m run – Milbourn, El Dorado, 5:16.49; Poynter, Maize South, 5:28.71; Becker, Pratt, 5:30.76; Buffum, Winfield, 5:51.35. 400m relay – Andale (Rowland, Simon, Emberson, Lies) 50.31; Wellington (Adams, Page, Ditch, Campbell) 50.85; Mulvane (Weaver, Melick, Amber Allen, Alex Allen) 50.86; Pratt (Reh, Hoover, Staats, Domann) 51.61. 400m dash – Needham, Cheney, 58.38; Staats, Pratt, 59.90; Grubs, Maize South, 1:00.20; Slade, Rose Hill, 1:00.23. 300m hurdles – Grubbs, Maize South, 46.64; Tjaden, 47.35; House, El Dorado, 47.72; Hoover, Pratt, 47.99. 800m run – Milbourn, El Dorado, 2:22.12; Poynter, Maize South, 2:27.30; Staats, Pratt, 2:28.72; Bradley, Rose Hill, 2:29.09. 200m dash – Needham, Cheney, 26.89; Campbel, Wellington, 27.64; Grubbs, Maize South, 27.29; Simon, Andale, 27.56. 3200m run – Milbourn, El Dorado 11:23.23; Becker, Pratt 12:07.46; Romine, Pratt, 12:27.93; Trumble, Maize South, 12:30.97 . 1600m relay – Cheney (Holt, Dewey, Teague, Needham) 4:11.02; Andale (Emberson, Pletcher, Orth, Ast) 4:13.27; Mulvane (Weaver, Burkhart, Melick, Allen) 4:16.09; Pratt (Staats, Becker, Reh, Domann) 4:16.11. High jump – Mumma, Clearwater, 5-2; Bohm, Trinity, 5-0, Lewellen, Wellington, 4-10; Robinson, Cheney 4-10. Pole vault – House, El Dorado, 11-6; Rowland, Andale, 11-0; Friedrichs, Andale, 10-6; Shiach, Andale, 10-0. Long jump – Braeunlich, Rose Hill, 16-5½; Walthers, Circle, 16-5½; Ortiz, Kingman, 16-3¾; Reh, Pratt, 16-1¾. Triple jump – Kinser, Hugoton, 35-11¼; Lies, Andale, 35-2½; Ortiz, Kingman, 34-9½; Eck, Andale,34-5¾.  Discus – Quick, Cheney, 126-3; Britton, Ulysses, 121-5; Scheuller, Andale, 113-10, Young, Winfield, 112-11. Javelin – Orton, Circle, 119-10; Justice, Rose Hill, 113-11; Tjaden, Clearwater, 11-10; Hotl, Cheney, 108-8. Shot put – Britton, Ulysses, 40-4½; Govert, Kingman, 34-2½; Wright, Circle, 33-10½; Maydew, Pratt, 33-4¾.



Team Scores

Rose Hill 94, Andale 55, Maize South 55, Clearwater 49, Trinity 41, Winfield 40, Ulysses 32, Hugoton 32, Cheney 31, Mulvane 28, El Dorado, 24, Pratt 23, Circle 22, Augusta 18, Kingman 10, Wellington 4.

State Qualifiers

3200m relay – El Dorado (Haines, Harvey, Nightengale, Nuckolls) 8:13.72; Hugoton (McLain, Hittle, Watkins, Weaver) 8:15.50; Maize South (Williams, Green, Wondra, Daniels) 8:19.81; Ulysses (Zerr, Widder, Galindo, Mendoza) 8:24.01 . 100 hurdles ­– Wisdom, Augusta 15.04; Martin, Rose Hill, 15.21; Nickelson, Clearwater, 15.21; Jarnagin, Ulysses, 15.46. 100m dash – Burns, Trinity, 10.76; Criner, Maize South, 11.15; Mayes, Rose Hill, 11.13; Seidel, Pratt, 11.25. 1600m run – Landes, Mulvane, 4:28.08; Martin, Andale, 4:28.38; Nightengale, El Dorado, 4:30.67; Jimenez, Hugoton, 4:32.12 400m relay – Rose Hill (Mayes, Marting, Pearson, Kinnick) 43.18; Andale (Staab, T. Horsh, Staats, R. Horsch) 44.01; Pratt (McClain, Eggelston, Callaway, Seidel) 44.95; Ulysses (Rodriguez, Jarnagin, Sandoval, Annis) 45.05. 400m dash – Burns, Trinity, 50.45; Shaffer, Rose Hill, 52.02; Criner, Maize South, 52.59; Williams, Maize South, 52.64. 300m hurdles – Nickelson, Clearwater, 39.66; Horsch, Andale, 40.41; Martin, Rose Hill, 40.69; Maydew, Pratt, 40.73. 800m run – Martin, Andale, 2:00.02; Hanna, Winfield, 2:00.32; Weaver, Hugoton, 2:00.62; Nuckolls, El Dorado, 2:00.93. 200m dash – Burns, Trinity, 23.25; Annis, Ulysses, 23.40; Sizemore, Clearwater, 23.13; Criner, Maize South, 23.13. 3200m run – Landes, Mulvane, 9:33.04; Jimenez, Hugoton, 9:56.27; Weber, Rose Hill, 10.:00.33; Nightengale, El Dorado, 10:03.73. 1600m relay – Rose Hill (Martin, Mays, Decker, Shaffer) 3:26.71; Maize South (Williams, Daniels, Criner, Wondra) 3:31.49; Trinity (Funk, Alexander, Brewer, Burns) 3:31.77; Pratt (McClain, Maydew, Swank, Seidel) 3:32.61. High  jump – Graber, Maize South, 6-9; Budda, Augusta, 6-2; Mays, Rose Hill, 6-2; Miller, Trinity, 6-2. Pole vault – Dewey, Cheney, 14-0; Rowland, Andale, 13-6; Knight, Rose Hill, 13-6; Ungles, Andale, 13-0. Long jump – Kinnick, Rose Hill, 21-5¼; Nickelson, Clearwater, 20-9½’ Gardinier, Circle 20-8¾; Annis, Ulysses, 20-4½.  Triple jump – Proctor, Winfield, 43-8½; Rinke, Clearwater, 42-8½; Hubener, Cheney, 41-2¼; Gardinier, Circle, 40-11. Discus – Groene, Winfield, 192-4; Foltz, Rose Hill, 167-4; Goldsmith, Cheney, 157-9; Swank, Pratt, 151-5. Javelin – Gardinier, Circle, 191-2; Groene, Winfield, 177-4; Hubener, Cheney, 177-0; Pote, Cheney, 166-7. Shot put – Bergkamp, Kingman, 50-6; Bowman, Clearwater, 50-4½; Thompson, Maize South, 48-7; Stegman, Hugoton, 46-8½.