Pat Brant's entrepreneurship class at Skyline High School got a taste of small business ownership when they opened their doors to the public last quarter.

The class opened a small business called Sweet Nothings Bakery. They made different types of baked goods that included rice crispy treats, no bake cookies and pumpkin cookies. Each sold for a dollar. Different types of pies were also available. They sold for seven dollars each. The flavors included pumpkin, apple and cherry.

The whole business was student-generated. The students did their own business advertising. They made posters to hang up around the school and spread the word amongst the other students.

There were only four students in the entrepreneurship class. They had to take on more than one position in the company.

"This is the smallest class I have ever had," Brant said. "They really had to step up to the plate and take on multiple roles in the company."

Brant was proud of how well they handled the business due to the small number of students.

The entrepreneurship class was also in charge of the baking. Junior president Mariha Wrich did not complain about having to bake.

"The entrepreneurship class is my favorite class because all we do is bake all day and we make money," Wrich said.

Sweet Nothings Bakery sales increased during the first quarter. To keep up with the orders, the students created slips where they could mark down what each customer ordered.

"I go into Mrs. Brant's classroom during lunchtime so I won't have to eat Michelle Obama's new food," junior Kadi Richardson said. "My favorite cookies are the no bakes."

The high school students were not the only ones who couldn't get enough of the cookies. The elementary students also got a taste.

"I go into Mrs. Brant's class before school starts to get a cookie," fifth grader Cindy Ibarra said. "My favorite cookies are the pumpkin cookies. They are amazing."

Tony Marquez is a senior at Skyline High School.

The entrepreneurship students received a portion of the profits earned after taxes.