Giving to others adds to spirit of the season

The Skyline High School Choir class, along with teacher Beth Novotny, chose two angels from the Angel Program for the holiday season.

Angel trees appear in several stores throughout Pratt. Anonymous tags on the tree display the children's personal information, like their age and clothing size. Novotny got two tags at Walmart for her choir class. Once purchased, the gifts get returned to an Angel Tree store in Pratt and then get distributed to the children by Christmas.

Novotny said the choir class has enjoyed bringing Christmas to others and have done so with their music and also by helping others in need for the past few years.

She said the choir has fun experiencing the Christmas spirit by helping others.

The choir class usually gets donations from anyone who wants to help. They form committees that shop for the right sizes and items listed. They sponsor two angels because several generous folks helped them out with their projects.

Choir students help by holding a sale of baked goods during the lunch period at Skyline for the rest of the student body. They sell cookies and other baked goods. The choir students bring the baked goods, set up and sell the items. The project is thoroughly student initiated.

"Our sales have gone well so far and should help our four-year-old boy and girl experience a great Christmas," Novotny said.

Students had two sales this week and will sell more baked goods on Dec. 10, 13 and 17. All money raised helps pay for things that the little angels need.

"I think the bake sale is going really well and it is a good fundraiser to do," choir student Shannon Neifert said. "It's also going to a very good cause, the Angel Program."

Students will buy the gifts and wrap them after their concert on Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. This concert is combined with band.

Choir has some traditional Christmas pieces and some newly composed music for the concert. Novotny thinks that their listeners will find the music touching and give new meaning to the Christmas spirit.

The high school Mixed Ensemble will join the middle school and high school choirs that night. The newly formed Skyline High School Jazz Band also performs that night.

Patty Ibarra is a senior at Skyline School.