British Petroleum request tabled

Seven of the nine members of the Pratt County Planning Board met in session Dec. 17th in the Judd Stanion Room of Pratt Regional Medical Center. The first issue on the agenda addressed by the members present, was to hold a public hearing to consider adoption of the zoning regulations for Pratt County. Kent Moore and Mark Fincham were not present at the meeting.

The resolution adopted to amend the zoning regulations dealing with campgrounds and crew camps, only contained one change from the original rough draft. That change dealing with the definition of campground stated: "This definition is not intended to prohibit the use of agricultural land to allow for the placement of RV campers during harvest seasons or for occupancy for not more than 30 days during one calendar year for the use of family social events. Such definition shall also not prohibit the placement of RV campers on oil and gas well sites during drilling operations."

The second issue on the agenda was a public hearing on a Special Use case for British Petroleum (BT). The request was to establish a commercial wind energy project generally located between SW 20th St. and SW 50th ST and between South U.S. Highway 281 and SW 10th Ave. in southwest Pratt County and between SE 20th St. and SE 60th St. and between South U.S. Highway 281 and SE 120th Ave. in Pratt County.

Darren Hodgkinson announced he was going to abstain from participation in the issue due to a conflict of interest. Thus, a quorum of six members was left to discuss the issue at hand.

Due to lack of notification of all of the property owners surrounding the designated project area, the eligible zoning board members voted to table the issue until the next meeting to be held January 21, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the Judd Stanion Room of PRMC.