This is the time of year that we hopefully look at all the good things that have happened throughout the year and celebrate them in this season of good will.

That's the intent of this letter.

In addition to the gift of a wonderful family and friends, I want to call attention to things that represent, what I consider the really good part of this community of which I am grateful to be a part. I could recite a litany of things, but am going to call attention to three things in this past year as an example of all the good the surrounds us.

First, this last fall, Agape Health Clinic celebrated one year of service for those that are uninsured in Pratt County. At a gathering of the volunteers (and that's what makes it all happen, Volunteers) it was noted that this was something for which people saw a need and then figured out how to get it done without someone or something making them do so. People just did it.

The first Saturday of the month, medical providers, volunteers working admission, helping doctors, doing clean up, and much more, all come together in a location provided by Pratt Community College to give the necessary care to those that don't get it otherwise. There have been 236 visits to the clinic made possible by 936 volunteer hours and the expertise of those volunteers.

Second, is Lemon Park Lights. Again, something that happens every year because people come together to make it happen. We anticipate the magic of the holiday lights and atmosphere created by people coming together because they want to, not because they have to. The result is music, color and animation creating a magical walk or drive celebrating the season.

Lastly, this year I had the opportunity to be a part of a political campaign of a good friend. Unfortunately he lost the election, but they say it's the way you play the game that counts. The campaign was a great game and was played with integrity, trustworthiness and honesty. Though the outcome wasn't what was hoped for, it was a privilege to be associated with it and rewarding to know we have that kind of leadership available.

There are plenty of names that could and should be mentioned in all of these instances but I have chosen not to do so first, someone would probably be left out and secondly, the neat thing is that in any of these instances, no one does it to have their name mentioned. Isn't that just wonderful? I am both proud and grateful for these gifts which are symbolic of so many of the good things that take place in our lives. Have happy and blessed holiday season.

Jeanette Siemens, Pratt