Pratt City Commission, small town councils and mayors, Boards of Education and PCC Board of Trustees will have positions on the April ballots.

For those among you interested in serving your community in a political position, it is time to file for election, or reelection, whichever is appropriate. January 22 is the deadline to file for positions on the Pratt Community College Board of Trustees, Pratt and Skyline School District Boards, Pratt City Commission and for mayoral and council seats in the smaller communities of Pratt County.

In the city of Pratt, two council positions are open this year. Positions currently held by Jeff Taylor and Gary Skaggs are coming up for election. Presently, no one has filed to fill these positions.

Pratt Community College has a majority of the positions on the board of trustees to elect. Of the seven members of the board of trustees, four positions are up to be filled this cycle. Positions held by Jeff Shumway, Wendell Howell and Mike Koler are scheduled for election for full new terms. A vacant position, once held by Ed Wiltse, will be filled to complete the original term limit. Presently no one has filed to fill these soon-to-be open positions.

Pratt Unified School District 382 has three positions coming open this election cycle. Positions currently held by Bill Bergner, Andrea Wilson and Mark Fincham are scheduled for the upcoming election. Bergner is the sole candidate filed at this time.

Pratt Unified School District 438 has three positions coming open during this election cycle. Positions currently held by Jeff Slade, Rex Robinson and Joe Novotny are to be filled through the election process. Slade and Robinson have already filed for reelection.

According to Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse, there has not been any information filed with her in regard to the political positions open in the small communities of the county.