Permit required for vehicles over 60,000 pounds.

Pratt County has adopted a heavy commercial truck traffic resolution because horizontal drilling techniques, commercial wind farm activities and other related heavy traffic activities create challenges for road maintenance. In this way, county employees will be able to enforce maintenance and liability for the destruction of county roadways.

Anyone wishing to drill or complete an oil or gas well, establish a commercial wind farm or conduct other commercial activities involving vehicles weighing more than 60,000 pounds using public roads shall file a Commercial Road Use Application with the county road department. Such application shall be filed 15 days before commencement of any said operations.

The Pratt County Road Supervisor, or his designee shall review the application and consult with the applicant regarding the anticipated traffic including number, size and weight of trucks or other heavy vehicles involved. The county road department may designate routes to protect the integrity of Pratt County roads and bridges and promote the general safe use of public roads.

A reasonable repair bond may be required if the anticipated traffic would pose a significant threat to the public roads, according to the resolution as set forth.

No oil and gas drilling or completion operations, commercial wind farm or other commercial activity outside an incorporated city in Pratt County shall be commenced without a Road Use Permit. The Road Use Permit may place reasonable restrictions upon the use of public roadways and may be subject to an injunction if a Road Use Permit is not obtained.

All traditional agricultural activities are exempted from the requirement to obtain a Road Use Permit.