Lightning has become a bit of a poser lately.

Lightning has become a bit of a poser lately.

I’m not sure whether he is trying to impress another treat out of me or is he is just trying to cement his job security, but whenever I come home at night, Lightning is working to impress.

When I round the last corner in my driveway I’ll spot Lightning running from one part of the yard to another barking ferociously at some unseen creature off in the distance. Once I park he will come over to the truck for a pet and gives this sob story expression of how busy he has been all day chasing unwanted creatures away from the farm.

“That’s a good boy,” I respond. “But if you’ve been so busy why is there still a warm spot on the porch where you usually lay?”

Hudson spends his days in the pen since I’ve learned that confining one tends to keep both of them home instead of wandering the northern half of the county.

When I look at Hudson for confirmation of Lightning’s “busy day” about all I get is a “I donna know, I’ve been locked up all day.”

I’ll let Hudson out of the pen and him and Lightning go jumping around the yard playing and chasing each other. Evidently whatever was keeping Lightning so busy disappeared upon my arrival.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, but I’m not going to give you a biscuit just for playing along. Especially when your playing along makes more work for me when I have to walk out to each end of the yard and listen to the stories about how hard your day was.

Last week after we got a nice covering of snow on the ground I came home to Lightning running to and fro barking ferociously.

As I parked and he came up to the truck I went with him to see what all he had been guarding against during the day. We got to the edge of the yard and the only tracks you could see in the white snow cover were Lightning’s.

I looked down at him with a skeptical look. He looked back at me convinced of his service.

“See I scared them so bad they even covered up their tracks when they left.”

I guess there’s nothing wrong with being a poser as long as you’re good at it.