Incumbent Pratt City commissioners up for re-election have challengers for the April 2 election.

Incumbents Gary Skaggs and Jeff Taylor have each filed for another term. Challenging them are candidates Nelson Burrell and Vic Graf who all met the filing deadline at noon on Jan. 22.

On the education front, a challenger has thrown his hat into the ring for the Pratt Community College Board of Trustees. Incumbents Michael Koler and Jeff Shumway have both filed for re-election and former board member Dwane DeWeese has also filed for a trustee position, said Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse.

One other position in the PCC trustees is currently open. Former Board member Ed Wiltse moved away and the Board is in the process of interviewing candidates, one of whom will be appointed to serve out the position.

Wiltse was also appointed to the position to fill out the term of Jenny Larrison who resigned from the board for personal reasons. The position expires on June 30, 2015.

While challengers have filed for the city commission and the trustees positions, only the incumbents have filed for both the USD 382 and USD 438 Boards of Education, Kruse said.

Write-in candidates can always challenge in an election but for now both the Skyline and Pratt Boards will probably have the same members after the election.

Filing for re-election were Bill Bergner, Mark Fincham and Andrea Wilson for USD 382 and REx Robinson, Jeff Slade and Joe Novotny for USD 483.

Also up for election are the third class cities mayor and council positions.

A race has developed in the Cullison mayor race with incumbent Don Rose and challenger Dee Hutchins meeting the filing deadline.

All other mayor races have just one candidate. Byers: Kyle Waters; Coats: Eric Bronson; Iuka: Marsha Giggy; Preston: Les Ferguson; Sawyer: Louis Green.

Races have also developed in two city councils. Each city council is allowed five members. The top five vote getters will be on the council. Iuka and Cullison each have six running for their respective councils.

Iuka: Brad George, Tom Helsel, Keith Backman, Warren Briggeman, Gerald Tucker and Lee Van Slyke.

Cullison: James Niblett, Donna Rose, Theodore Stahl, Bobbie Booi, Gloria Patrick and Michael Slief.

The other council races in Byers, Coats, Preston and Sawyer have five or fewer council candidates. Byers: Ginny Poschen and Amelia Ballantine. Coats: Mildred Eubank, Tiffany Ailstock, Randy Cole, Josh Rathgeber and Patsy Fittro-Knowles. Preston: David Tritt, Jacqualyn Metcalfe, Jesse Mercer and David Inslee. Sawyer: Dee Weber, Randy Kumberg, Eric Mason, Lisa Clifton and Lothair Dauner.

These races are the only items that will appear on the April ballot. No questions have been filed for consideration.