Scholars' Bowl is an extracurricular activity that teaches students confidence, quick thinking and trust in their teammates.

There are currently six seniors, four juniors, three sophomores and four freshmen on the Skyline team.

At the beginning of the year, senior Colton Sharp-Ebert placed third and sophomore Austin Gilpin placed second as individuals at Cunningham. With a score of 70 points, senior Brandon Baird tied for second place as an individual on Jan. 17.

Scholars' Bowl is "mainly for students who like to compete, who have broad ranges of knowledge, and are willing to take risks," TARGET teacher Brenda Piester said.

The students in Scholars' Bowl review questions from Literature Arts, Social Science, Math, Science, Fine Arts and Current Events. In a round, they have to answer questions that involve a world language, usually French or Spanish, and translate it to English. There were 16 questions per round in each tournament.

"The students practice questions during seminar," Piester said. "It's hard to get everyone together at one time because of so many other activities, but we practice as often as we can."

There have been less meets due to complications at other schools.

"I like going up against the different schools," sophomore Gilpin said. "It's fun competition."

The Scholars' Bowl team traveled to Ellinwood on Thursday for their Regional meet. The students that went to Regionals were Baird and Gilpin, senior Madison Moore, junior Ascha Lee, and sophomores Blake Lee and Landon Lee. There were 13 teams. The score for Skyline was 2-4 in a pool play against six different teams. The varsity team ended their season with a score of 22-11 while the junior varsity ended with 10-3.

"I love watching the kids think on their feet," Piester said. "It's amazing what they know."

Skyline will host a middle school HOPL meet in April.

Jenessa Corbet is a sophomore at Skyline School.