City crews continue to clear snow emergency routes and other major streets.

Pratt City crews are busy clearing snow emergency routes and trying to keep ahead of the storm as much as possible.

A winter storm came through the Pratt area Wednesday in two waves then a larger wave came through overnight and residents woke to several inches on the level and higher drifts from the wind.

City street crews were busy all day Wednesday and much of the night preparing and clearing streets.

The break between the snowfalls allowed the city a chance to get ready for the next wave of snow.

"They've done a good job of staying on top of it," said Pratt City Manager Dave Howard.

Besides the snow routes, the city crews are clearing as many of the other heavily used streets to help keep traffic flowing in the city.

The crews have been focusing a lot of work in Main Street, Fifth Street and Sixth Street as well as other major streets.

City crews are will be busy tonight when they come in with loaders and trucks and clear away the snow from downtown, Howard said.

With the amount of snow already on the ground and the possibility of additional snow later today, city crews will be busy today, tonight, Friday and Friday night getting the snow cleared.

"A lot of what they do will depend on what happens the rest of the day," Howard said.

Eventually, the crews will have to stop and rest. While the public benefits from the hard work, the city crews need rest so they can keep up to the task.

Many businesses have snow removal equipment clearing parking lots, driveways and sidewalks.

Overall, Howard said he was pleased with the city crews efforts to keep up with the snowfall. He said planning was a big part of the success in staying ahead of the weather.

"I'm pleased with what the city has done," Howard said.

Although the Main Streets are open, many of side streets remain untouched and motorists are urged to use caution as they try to get to open streets.

One area that is very difficult for the city to handle is trash pickup. The city doesn't open alleys and that makes it a challenge for city sanitation to get the trash collected but they do it every day, Howard said.

"The city sanitation crews don't miss a beat," Howard said.