Sixteen USD 382 students have qualified for the State Science and Engineering Fair on March 29 and 30 at Century II in Wichita.

A total of 20 USD 382 students attended the Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Fort Hayes State University. Students receiving gold medals at the regional fair qualified for the state competition.

Seven students did extra work for their projects while two fifth grade students worked outside the class on their projects. Seventh and eighth graders did projects in Pat Klassen's classes while the fourth graders did their projects in Lu Bitter's fourth grade science club.

Students receiving gold medals and their projects that qualified for state:

Eighth Grade: Ciara Hodgkinson-Where in the Flour is Gluten.

Seventh Grade: Julie Daniels-Germination of Wheat Seeds; Clinton James-The effect of caffeine on a Daphania's heart rate; Elijah Gatlin-Venus flytrap.

Fourth Grade: Corbin Weers and Hogan Thompson-Potato power; Erin Jackson-Fly baby, fly; Derrick Newby and Jeff Schmidt-Which liquid produces the most carbon dioxide gas?

Students receiving silver medals:

Eighth grade: Lexi Lanterman and Breanne Farr-Bait and fish river monster.

Fifth grade: Elizabeth Voss and Emrey Anderson-Going, going, gone.

Fourth grade: Brynn Jellison and Haylee Kelsey-Bubbleology; Holly Brown and Kylee Hopkins-Amazing gluten; Izabella Barker and Jaxon Ray-Eco filter.