Pratt County Landfill Director Jason Winkle informed Pratt County Commissioners, someone broke into the Pratt County Landfill over the weekend. The gate on the east side of the landfill was unlocked and the safe in the landfill shop was open.

"It didn't appear there was anything taken," said Winkle. "Ex-employees have not turned in all their keys as they left service with the county."

Winkle discussed changing the locks at the landfill with commissioners and received approval to do so. This is the second time the property has been broken into in recent weeks. Additionally, Winkle discussed changing the hours and minimum charge at the landfill. Commissioners approved raising the minimum charge for trash disposal from $5 to $10.

In other matters, commissioners:

• were asked by Reid Bell, Pratt Airport Authority, to consider financial support for in the future. The airport authority is currently operating on $150,000 in entitlement money from the federal government, rent from leases at the airport and support from the city. Bell said the companies located at the airport are supporting gross sales of about $85 million.

• were informed by Pratt County Emergency Management Director Tim Branscom, state and federal representatives will be in Pratt this week to discuss reimbursement to the county and city for emergency equipment and services during recent snow storms.

Branscom also discussed the small cities wanting to be a part of countywide planning and zoning. The only city still on the fence about joining into the county program is the city of Sawyer, according to Branscom.

• met with representatives of Nisley Trash Service to discuss recycling. After a lengthily discussion, commissioners asked Nisley to return later in the summer as they felt they did not want to give up the county's present income flow.

• met with Hilary Dolbee and Susan Page of Pratt Regional Medical Center, to discuss last year's audit. The audit was clean and PRMC is making money at the present time, according to Dolbee.

• approved a bid from Randy's Tower Service in the amount of $3,370 for maintenance and service of the communication tower located at Belvidere for Pratt County Emergency Services Director Mark McManaman.

McManaman also discussed replacing sidewalks poured with inferior materials at half price and the replacement of lighting fixtures on the top floors of the Pratt County Courthouse.

• were informed by Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur, that it would be legal to charge parents for the incarceration of their juvenile children by following specific procedures. Schmisseur said he had discussed the procedures with Pratt County Attorney Ken Van Blaricum and asked him to implement them as practical.