Last Saturday was mine and Hubby’s wedding anniversary (11 years!) and to celebrate we went to Tulsa for a few days IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK.
I capitalize because: 1) Hubby had to ask off work for a frivolous trip, and 2) we took the kids out of school for our frivolous trip.
Now, remember close to a year and a half ago when the kids and I were having a bad morning so I took them to breakfast and got them to school 35 minutes late?  Well, when I told my husband over the phone I could hear his lips grimace in worry.  And then when he got home, and really off and on over the next few weeks, he’d hesitantly bring it up but I could tell it’d also pushed its way out after thinking about it all day, and he’d ask if I was going to do this again?  And often?  And the underlying question was, Are you as focused on school as I am?
So to take the kids out of school and drop them at my parents’ house for a few days all in the name of frivolity was quite a treat.  A treat that we “fretted” (not really) over for a few days before finally making the decision.
We went in the middle of the week to attend a concert of They Might Be Giants (Anyone know them?  My friends don’t and I’m thinking of holding a listening session to school them on silly songs from the early 90s), but really the concert was just a way for Hubby and I to visit Tulsa.
We lived there for almost four years and we miss it.  When we visit my parents in Tulsa it’s not the same--they live in South Tulsa, we lived in Midtown, and when we lived in Tulsa we never went to South Tulsa.  So visiting them and their restaurants and their everything, it’s like a different town.
So this week we visited our old places.  We stalked the house where we brought home our first two babies, we walked up and down Cherry Street where we ate dinner a few times a week, we walked the neighborhood that held most of our walks but especially those at the end of my pregnancy with Little Missy when we were trying to put me into labor, we found the first playground G loved, we ate at our favorite restaurants.
And it was good.
It’s always strange to me how much things don’t change.  How the turn off Lewis into our old neighborhood looks exactly the same and I could have been driving my old sedan with a teeny baby and a teeny toddler in the back after visiting Daddy at lunch.  Our favorite restaurant is the same, with the same booths and the same TVs and the same food.
And it was good to sit at lunch with my husband for over an hour and have nowhere to go, to walk in the sunshine and admire the houses we’d always loved, to stay up late and sleep in late and drive around the town we love.
It was frivolous and it was perfect.