Burglars are on the loose and have been very active in Pratt recently. The Pratt Police Department is seeking help to solve these crimes and bring those responsible to justice.

For three weeks, the Pratt Police Department has dealt with a large number of burglary complaints from local citizens, said Pratt Police Detective Jeff Ward.

The most recent complaint involved burglary at Pratt Business Center at 1801 East First. In this burglary 12 or 13 storage were entered when the burglar or burglars cut or beat the padlocks off the storage doors and entered, Ward said.

A lot of the property from the storage units was removed and tossed around but very little property was actually stolen.

Also hit was the Pratt City Water Department. Copper, brass and tools have been stolen in several burglaries at the water department.

March was a particularly busy month for burglaries. Police responded to 14 cases of burglar including four storage units at the West Side Storage, 1101 W. In that case, several subjects were taken into custody. Not quite half the property has been recovered in these cases.

The burglars have also struck in the county. Pratt County Sheriff's officers are investigating several storage facility burglaries at Skyline Storage just west of Pratt and across highway U.S. 54 on the north side.

Most of these burglaries do not involved large quantities of stolen property. Property values tend to average less than $500. The damage done to the owner's property during the break-in usually amounts to more then the stolen property itself.

"The saddest part of it is, in the case of the Pratt Business Center, a local citizen had been collecting learning materials and other property that was to be sent to disadvantaged and impoverished children in Nigeria," Ward said.

At this time, time the Pratt Police Department is investigation all leads and information as it develops.

Citizens are reminded that while the police are working diligently to solve these burglaries, it takes the cooperation and support of the entire community to bring these crimes to a successful resolution.

"The more information we have and the sooner we have it, the quicker and more efficiently we can solve these crimes and arrest those responsible," Ward said.

The police department is asking anyone who has information about these or any other crimes to call the Pratt Police Department at 620-672-5551. For crimes outside the city limits, call the Pratt County Sheriff's Office at 620-672-4133.

To report a crime anonymously, call Crime Stoppers at 620-672-3080. Calls to Crime Stoppers are not recorded, no caller ID is used, no traces are made and no name needs to be given.

Crime Stoppers is available 24-7. A call to Crime Stoppers could result in a reward of up to $1,000 for this or any crime.