Pratt High Forensics students had two strong days of competition on Saturday, April 6th at Wellington and on Monday, April 8th at Bucklin.

At Wellington, Pratt took first over Nickerson's second, Trinity's third, and Hutch's fourth. At Bucklin, the team took second to Hodgeman County's first, and above Kiowa County's third and against such large teams as Garden City and Hays. Both tournaments had 19 teams competing.

Reaching the first place sweeps at Wellington was a joy for the team, since at league the team had taken third under Nickerson. Also, taking second at Bucklin felt like a strong success even with Hodgeman County's win, since the Jetmore/Hodgeman County school has won 1A state champs for many recent years.

The team next competes at Hodgeman County, and finally at the Last Chance South Central tourney before heading to state championships and festival on May 4th.


Qualifying for Champs:

1st - Sam Eastes in Serious Solo (1st in every round.)

2nd - Anna Stotts in Informative Speaking

Qualifying for Festival:

3rd - Cambry Schrag in Informative Speaking

3rd - Anna Stotts in Poetry

4th - Spencer Sullivan in Poetry

4th - Joshua Ash in Informative Speaking

5th - Garrett Johnston in Prose


4th - Lauren Beardsley in Humorous Solo

Adding Points:

Kindra Miller, Lauren Voss, Taylor Willard


Qualifying for Champs:

2nd - Katie Buhler in Informative

2nd - Joseph Loomis is Oration

2nd - Evan Fowler and Cole Fincham in IDA

Qualifying for Festival:

3rd - Evan Fowler and Cole Fincham in Duet


4th - Joshua Ash in Extemp

5th - Katie Buhler in Extemp

6th - Lauren Beardsley in Humorous Solo

Adding Points:

Sidney Harrison, Kindra Miller, Johnathon Hurt, Corbyn Crump, Taylor Moreland, Austin Boshart, Taylor Willard.