The Pratt County Planning and Zoning Board met at 7p.m. Monday, April 15th, in the Jud Stanion Conference Room of Pratt Regional Medical Center. The meeting lasted for 3.5 hours and the first items on the agenda were public hearings for Special Use Permits for Mulberry Knob RV Park, owned by Alan Albers, and Scrubby's Hill RV Park, owned by Marilyn and Jay Mavity.

Albers represented both parks before the board during the evening's discussions.

"There is a need for temporary housing for oil people coming into the area," said Albers. "Workers have RVs anymore and want to live close to their jobs. The country seems to be the best place to have them located. I was responsible for getting RVs and trailers zoned out of Cunningham."

Albers' property, located in an A-1 Agricultural Zone one-half mile south of U.S. 54 on SE 150th Ave., was the first park considered. Albers owns 80 acres at this location and wants to develop a recreational vehicle campground with eight units and a modular housing unit to be used as a residential homestead for his son, who will be the manager for the facility.

The campground could hold a maximum of 24 people and would not need a public water supply, according to Albers. Twenty-five residents in the RV campground would require public water and sewage systems, he said.

The campground area would be 340 feet by 200 feet, or approximately 1.56 acres, while the modular unit would be set off to the side on a five-acre tract next to the RV Park. This unit would share the water and sewage systems of the campground.

Pratt County Zoning Board members Fred Newby and Rick Shriver questioned the need for a storm shelter and mail service respectively. Albers said he was going to take care of both those items in his final plans. Board member Mark Fincham questioned if there would be any restrictive covenants written and enforced within the campground.

The Board established five conditions for approval of the facility:

• A site plan must be submitted and approved by the Planning Board prior to issuing of a zoning permit.

• A sanitation permit for on-site sewage and water systems must be obtained prior to issuing of a zoning permit.

• Special Use approval will be valid for five years from date of effectuation by published resolution. The applicant may apply for an extension prior to expiration.

• An emergency action plan must be submitted to the Pratt County Emergency Management Office covering plans for natural occurring events and identification of emergency shelters, or plans for occupants.

• The applicant must notify the Pratt County Road Department Supervisor prior to issuing of a zoning permit to ensure entrances are properly constructed.

The Zoning Board unanimously approved the site plan, after a review. A recommendation will be forwarded to the Pratt County Commissioners for their approval.

Once Albers started discussing the second RV Campground proposal (owned by Jay and Marilyn Mavity), it was determined there was opposition to the project and the application was withdrawn.