Beatles sound-alike group is final performance for Pratt Community Concert Association.

The Abbey Road Band, a concert many Pratt Community Concert subscribers have looked forward to with anticipation, hits the PCC Carpenter Auditorium stage this Friday, April 26th.

Locally, this premier performance by this Beatles tribute band begins its authentic re-creation of the Beatles sound at 7 p.m.

“The Abbey Road Band doesn’t wear Beatle wigs or period costumes; they have something far better. They were there. They lived the Beatles explosion and have dedicated their musical lives to recapturing that perfect music and that perfect moment,” stresses the band’s website, concluding by saying, “What they do is SOUND like the Beatles.”

The Abbey Road Band has toured from Mt. Rushmore through much of the upper Midwest for over a decade, headquartering in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Monte Madison re-creates Paul McCartney, playing bass guitar, keyboards, and acoustic guitar and doing vocals.

“It changed our lives,” says Madison, remembering watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Fred Gondzar plays John Lennon, “with his voice and in his heart,” does vocals and plays guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and harmonica. Don Lerdal is the group’s musical director, and guitar master, and voices George Harrison. Ringo Starr, who invented the British rock ‘n roll drum style and penned many of the Fab Four’s songs, is represented by Tony Johnson.

The challenge of performing Beatles music live is met through the use of synthesizers and digital drums. Every part is live.

The veteran musicians also see it as very important to involve the audience as much as possible. The band has fun playing this music, and they want their audience to feel that joy, too, be they teenagers or seniors, because they see that as how timeless the Beatles music is.

Individual tickets will be available at the door for those without PCCA season tickets. New subscribers to next season’s concerts are admitted free. Season memberships for the 2013-2014 season are also on sale Friday evening.

RSVP offers a ride to and from each concert. Anyone needing this service may contact the RSVP office at 672-7811.