It's not unusual to see a Great Blue Heron at the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake. Occasionally, two blue herons are seen together during mating periods but the birds tend to be solo animals and hang out by themselves. However, lake visitors Tuesday were treated to a rare sight when six herons were seen just a few feet from each other at the end of a pier on the southwest corner of the lake. The birds stayed together for a good part of the afternoon and caused many drivers to slow down for a better look.

But Tuesday lake visitors were in for another rare sight at the lake when eight white pelicans showed up at the same time as the herons. It's not unusual to see pelicans at Cheyenne Bottoms State Wildlife Area because it is on the pelican's migration route but it may have been the first time the birds were seen at the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake that is also on their migration route. The pelicans also stayed around for a good part of Tuesday afternoon.

Other birds at the lake Tuesday included double crested black cormorants and shoveler ducks.