Pratt County Commissioners found out Pratt County has a healthy bank account and one that many other counties in the state would like to emulate.

"Auditors are now considering that they cannot put both the financial statements together and give an opinion of their validity," said Pratt County Auditor Steve LaPrad. "Right now we're not under those regulations, but we may be in the near future, which means you will have to hire someone to put your financial statements together and someone else to audit them."

The county has two municipal entities, one of which has to be included in the audit. The Pratt County Hospital Board has to be audited because they have over $275,000 involved from the county, but the Agricultural Extension Unit does not because they have less.

There were no cash basis or budget violations found in the General Fund and they all were adequately secured according to the regulations, LaPrad said.

The county has $9,864,238 in unencumbered funds. However, here are outstanding bonds, which need to be paid and some money in Kansas Municipal Leases, which also have to be accounted for. The bonded indebtedness of the county was $1,395,000 at the end of 2012.

The county has $2,695,000 in cash on hand, which is enough to cover nearly a year of operational costs associated with the county departments.

In general, LaPrad's opinion is the county is adequately funded at the present time. The amount of the carryover has increased slightly annually.

In other matters, Commissioners:

• approved concealed carry exemption to be sent to the Kansas Attorney General. The exemption will give the county until January 1, 2014 to come up with a plan for protection of the Pratt County facilities involving guns carried into the premises.

• visited with Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn concerning the Fourth of July fireworks display to be put on at the Pratt County Veterans' Memorial Lake and the associated beer garden planned for the event.

Chinn said he was not in the position to provide security for the event and the American Legion Freedom Riders would have to handle it themselves. The county contributed $2,000 towards the fireworks.

Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur said if the American Legion Freedom Riders were going to have a beer garden, they would have to show proof of liability insurance and apply for an event permit to sell beer.

Chinn asked commissioners to meet with architect Sean Harding about the needs for Phase II of the Pratt County Law Enforcement Center's rehabilitation.

• approved Mark McManaman purchasing two more air packs for the emergency medical facilities.

• discussed a bindweed problem between two neighbors with Pratt County Weed Supervisor Robert Torres. Torres said there was a lot of emotion involved in the situation but very little evidence to substantiate a case.