Standings from Green Valley men's league

The Tribune’s cowardly sports reporter abandoned his post Thursday night, beating it for town two jumps ahead of the squall line. Not as easily deterred however, the Thursday Evening Green Valley League was hunkering down near the clubhouse and doing their best REO Speedwagon impression. You know, “Ridin’ the Storm Out”, and intending to play once the weather had blown through. Scores from the Thursday evening bunch were unavailable at press time, if in fact the matches were actually played. Other standings from this week at Green Valley are updated below.

Wednesday afternoon
DeanHoover/Don Belden 99
 Kent Moore/ Gary Schmidt 93
Norm Forssberg/ Marty Tibbets 75
AG Boley/ Dick McCall 66
Frank Laubhan/ Randy Lawton 52
Wednesday evening
Ed Kasselman/ Jim Stwalley 101
Scott Younie/ Kevin Younie  96
Jason Ruckle/ Randy Hageman 81 *
Russ Theis/Justin Simmons 86
Steve Wright/ Scott Elliot 85
Kevin Becker/Mike Miller 83
Ryan Clark/ Westerhaus 75
Bob Householter/ Gary Talbot 75
Scott Ferrell/ Verlan Elliott 73
Mark Kumberg/ Cliff Kenworthy 71
Dean Staab/ Larry Martin 68
John Gatz/Harlan Shinkle 66
Bolen/Wyatt 53 *
Bruce Pinkall/ Jon White 61
Eugene Stotts/ Marlin Stotts 60
Logan McAllister/ Kevin Biles 42 *
Kurt McAfee/ Tom Jones 30
Thursday afternoon
AG Boley/ Norm Forssberg 111
Jim Stwalley/ Ed Kasselman  106
Belden/Miller 83 *
Frank Laubhan/ Dennis Melroy 75
Kent Moore/ Gary Schmidt 74
Hoover/ Neuberger 68
Tibbets/Ferguson 56 *
Thursday evening
Scott Elliot/ Darrel Stroda 89 *
Ryan Clark/ Josh Wallace 80 *
Bill Biles/Jon White 68 *
Kent Montei/ Eugene Stotts 68 *
Steve Wright/Al Stevens 56 *
Bob Householter/ Marlin Stotts 54 *
Dean Staab/ Scott Alberg  46 *
* = does not include this week’s score