The South Central Kansas Community Corrections (SCKCC) agency failed to meet its outcome goal for the first time this year, according to Director David Wiley. The objective was for 75 percent of offenders who have their probation supervision terminated will be terminated successfully. This past year the percentage fell to71 percent.

Wiley said Community Corrections is dealing with a totally different form of criminal in the last several years… one that doesn't mind serving time in jail just to get their court ordered time completed.

Funding across the board has been cut for community corrections programs. The Kansas Department of Corrections funding is nearly $10,000 less than in 2009, while the Juvenile Justice Authority nearly $50,000 less, Juvenile Truancy and Prevention has been cut nearly $10,000 over the same period of time.

Pratt County has upped their contribution to the agency from no dollars in 2009 to a requested $50,000 in 2013.

The proposed budget for 2014 includes $244,633.18 for personnel (including salary and benefits), $17,522.82 for agency operations, and $864 for contractual services related to drug testing. The total proposed budget would be $263,020 for the year.

The agency does have a total of $135,304.17 in a carryover reimbursement budget, which can be drawn upon. There is $60.939 in personnel, $67,165.17 in operational funds, and $7,200 in contractual services.

Commissioners approved the revised budget for Wiley, but he still has to get his board's approval before submitting it to the state of Kansas.

In other matters commissioners:

• learned that the Road and Bridge Department was gearing up to start hauling and laying asphalt. Additionally, it is planned to spot patch Byers Road, according to Pratt County Road and Bridge Supervisor Randy Phillippi.

• were informed by Wiley that one of the vehicles used by his agency with less than 1,200 miles was hit by another vehicle and it is estimated there is $10,000 in damages. The insurance did not total the vehicle, but is repairing it instead.

• were asked by Cannonball Red Cross Director Donna Meier Pfeifer for a $12,000 donation from the county. Other contributions come from Pratt County United Fund ($12,000), monetary contributions ($35,000), special events ($10,000 net), Chamber rent ($6,600), and other income ($4,200) for a total income of $67,800, while showing anticipated expenditures of $93,368.

• individuals attending the meeting praised the Pratt County Veterans' Memorial Lake Director for his hard and efficient work.

• received a check from Parkwood Village in the amount of $29,760.

• were informed by Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur the Kansas Attorney General's opinion is the county commissioners cannot charter themselves out of the concealed carry law using home rule.