The area around the Preston Co-op looked like a small lake following the rain storm that when through the area Monday night.

Around 2.5 inches of water were measured at the co-op and that was enough to get a little water in the scales at the office, said co-op manager Mike Snell.

The rain combined with the runoff from the roof to fill up the low ground around the co-op and cause the problem with water in the scales.

Not much water got into the scales. A pump was used to get the water out and the scales were not damaged, Snell said.

This is not the first time this has happened at the co-op. A persistent drainage problem in the co-op part of town

"We've had a drainage problem here for years," Snell said. "But we're working with the city to get the problem fixed."

A culvert that is supposed to drain the water has filled with sand and the problem with drainage has slowly gotten worse over the years.

In the past, water has gotten high enough to get into the basement of the office but did little damage. It has not gotten to a point where it would get into the grain elevators or get water into the pits.

The fast falling rain in Preston had drainage ditches full and many streets showed signs of washing after the heavy rainfall hit the area. Water was standing in several low spots in town. Rain reports in town varied from 2.5 inches to 3 inches.

Fortunately, the rain drained out of town quickly after the storm had passed. Other than some sand washing down some streets, the town appeared to have come through the storm without damage, Snell said.

So much rain fell in the area that a mile south of Preston at NE 70th Street and NE 100th Avenue, a stream of water was flowing in the ditch on the south side of 70th Street over 24 hours after the rain had stopped.

Exposed rock on the roadbed was testimony of the large amount of water that flowed out of a milo filed and across the road beside the ditch where the water was running.