A pot-bellied pig was found near Pratt City Hall late Friday morning in Pratt.

Found: A pot-bellied pig in the vicinity of Pratt City Hall late Friday morning. Animal Control Officer Rod Tritt said the pig is gray with white hair, weighs about 60 pounds and is very friendly.

"It's somebody's pet," Tritt said.

Some people moving into the former Cathy's Closet building near the city building caught the pig. The pig doesn't like the leash and Tritt said he had to carry the pig to the animal carrier.

Tritt took the pig to Pratt Area Humane Society but they have no pig license and can't keep the pig. But Pratt Police Sgt. Kent Wyatt has offered to keep the animal at his residence until the owner can be found. Contact Pratt Law Enforcement Center at 672-5551 to claim.