The Pratt County Sheriff's Office is trying to determine if any rancher in the county is missing 17 head of cattle.

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture contacted the sheriff's office Friday seeking assistance in finding the owner of the livestock that were taken to a sale barn in Woodward, Okla., by two people from Pratt County who intended to sell the cattle but could not prove they owned the cattle.

Sheriff Vernon said he had not received any reports of lost or stolen cattle. Other Kansas sheriffs have also been notified but so far no has reported any missing cattle, Chinn said.

"We don't know where the cattle came from," Chinn said.

The two people were questioned and released and no charges have been filed, Chinn said.

The 17 cattle are described as 650-pound heifers with 16 blacks and one red. The brand "K" appears on one animal on the far back left hip. It is the only one of the herd that is branded.

Considering the area, the cattle could be from Kansas, Oklahoma or even Texas, Chinn said.

The investigation is still open and anyone with information about the case is encouraged to contact the Pratt County Sheriff's Office at 672-4133.