Arrowhead West, Inc. has exciting news for qualified donors. The Kansas Department of Commerce has awarded the organization to allocate tax credits of up to 70 percent for charitable donations made to the Arrowhead West, Inc. through December of 2014.

The tax savings is not only an advantage to donors, but also benefits area communities by keeping more of our tax dollars at home.

"It is nice people can have the opportunity to decide where they want their tax dollars spent. This allows them to be sure that money stays right in their own communities," said Nadine Lampe, development manager at Arrowhead West.

The organization plans to use the money generated through the tax credit donations for the construction cost of the new day program building in Pratt. The day program in the community is a key component to AWI's primary mission, to support each person's needs, choices and participation in the community.

Arrowhead West, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides community-based services to children and adults with developmental disabilities in Kansas. Offices are located in Dodge City, Medicine Lodge, Pratt, Kinsley, and Wichita. The agency has touched the lives of over 1,048 clients in the past year and employs over 235 staff members.

For information, call Nadine at (620) 227-8803 or email her at