It's not "The Voice" but it is a chance for community members with a desire to use their singing skills to get on stage and perform.

Under the direction of J.J. Rupe, Pratt Community College director of vocal and instrumental music, a community choir is forming as part of the college choir program.

Technically, the community choir is a second section of the PCC choir class that students can take for credit, Rupe said.

It is also another chance for college students who want to participate in choir but have a scheduling conflict with the daytime choir class. It is also a chance for community people to sing in a choir setting outside a church.

The community choir is open to anyone over 18 for singers with no restrictions on the number of years of experience.

Community choir meets from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Mondays in Room 42, the vocal and instrumental music room, in the Benson Education Center at PCC. No audition is required. Just show up and have a desire to sing and perform. The group will not rehearse on Labor Day.

Although rehearsals have already started, singers are encouraged to come out and join the group.

The people who showed up for the first rehearsal on Aug. 26 had a good time and really enjoyed the opportunity to sing.

"The people were really excited," Rupe said. "The response was really positive."

The community choir is not just about singing but performing as well. While the community choir and the college choir will practice separately, they will come together to form a large choir for "A Night on Broadway," the college fall theatre presentation featuring music from a group of selected songs from "Phantom of the Opera," "Les Miserables" and "Aspects of Love."

Combining the two groups will result in a choir of about 40 people and Rupe is hoping to build on number.

If interest in the community choir continues to grow, Rupe wants to possibly get the group to do a major choral work. While this might be a couple of years down the road, the community choir is a very positive step towards that goal.

"I'm very, very excited for this first step," Rupe said. "I really do see great things."

This is not the first time Rupe as started a community choir. Several years ago he tried to do a summer choir and had limited success but this setup could lead to a pretty good-sized group.

Whether singers have three years of experience or 30 years of experience, the community choir is a place where those that want to sing can find a place where they can let their talent shine.

A Night on Broadway will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 18 and 19 and at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 20 in Carpenter Auditorium at PCC.