As Fonzi on the old television sitcom“Happy Days” would say, “I was r-r-r-r-r-wrong”.

There must be a mistake! KSHSAA – this can't be right! You're just doing this to make me look bad!

We're talking about the 2A sub-state that the St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers volley ball team will be going to on Oct. 26.

The Tigers will be going a little South for their sub-state and it will be at Pratt-Skyline. All the teams that I mentioned in this week's paper except for St. John and Medicine Lodge are different. Add to the list 5th ranked Pratt-Skyline, 3rd ranked (formerly 1A) Bucklin, South Central, 10th ranked Kiowa County, Kinsley and Oxford.

And while I didn't predict who Macksville would play or where, what I thought was clear off. The Stangs will be going to the far-off Lincoln Sub-State. They'll be joined by Fairfield, La Crosse, Lincoln and Victoria.

Another close 2A Sub-State will be at Claflin with Bennington, Belleville-Republic County, Brookville-Ell-Saline, Claflin-Central Plains, Ellinwood, Inman, Little River, Mound Ridge, Sterling.

The 1A div.II Sub-State in this area will be at Norwich with Attica, Cunningham, Kiowa-South Barber, Norwich and Stafford.