Pratt Community College in association with the Kiowa County Media Center has received a 2013-2014 Innovation Grant in the amount of $20,000 to develop training leading to associate's degree in multimedia.

The partnership was started with a grant and will allow students the opportunity to direct and produce video to be viewed on the Internet through live streaming technology available from the Media Center.

The terms of the grant will have KCMC provide access to editing software, video equipment, audio and video studios and mobile equipment for producing and delivering live events. PCC will deliver coursework and credit hours to high school and college students.

"We think this is a great opportunity to allow us teach courses that we can't currently offer," said Joe Varrientos, vice president of instruction.

The grant will pay for additional equipment for training programs and to provide grant participants with a camera, microphones, a tripod and other accessories for out-of-the-studio recording.

Varrientos said the goal is for the class to be offered in the spring semester. Times the class will be offered have yet to be determined.

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