I am writing in response to a Facebook write up concerning the inappropriate dress we are all forced to witness. This inappropriate dress is a nationwide crisis but I would like to address the women and girls in Pratt County where I am exposed to more flesh than I care to see on a daily basis.

I have turned my head and pretended not to see and even treated these individual with respect, although undeserving. What am I supposed to think? And what are these females trying to prove? I have visited with others, including men and I have yet to find one person who isn't repelled by this excessive display of flesh.

Some of my thinking and preference comes from Christian standards and some of my thinking comes from a sense of decency and plain common sense. We are all making statements daily to those around us by the way we look as well as our attitudes.

If we don't care what others think maybe we should consider the inevitable Judgment Day when we will all be judged for our words and actions. Do we care? I pray so.

Sue Keller