In October of 2008 a small group of concerned citizens in Mullinville met to see if there would be enough interest in erecting a memorial to the veterans of the community. The immediate reaction was to go ahead with the plan.

The City of Mullinville gave the committee $15,000 to begin the work. Mike and Marta Price donated property on the corner of Highway 400 and Main Street in Mullinville for the Memorial.

The committee soon was joined by representatives of Greensburg and Haviland, also of Kiowa County, and it was decided to make the memorial for all veterans of Kiowa County. To date there are 1800 veterans' names from Kiowa County forever etched on the granite walls, some dating back to the Civil War.

The Memorial was erected by SI Memorials of Parsons.

The dedication ceremony will be Saturday, Nov. 2, beginning at 10:30 in the morning at the site of the memorial, U.S. 400 and North Main in Mullinville.

A luncheon will be served in the Mullinville Gym following the ceremony.

The Kiowa County Veteran's Memorial Foundation was established and application was made for the foundation to be a 501c3 corporation — which has been approved – thereby enabling the foundation to receive tax-deductible bequests and gifts.