Walls and girders and conduit are all going in place at the new addition to Pratt Regional Medical Center.

Mike Patton, PRMC manager of plant operations and Susan Page, PRMC president and chief executive officer gave a construction update to the Pratt County commissioners Monday night at their regular meeting.

Many drivers have seen a group of walls is standing in the middle of the construction site as they drive past.

These walls will eventually become the storm shelter, Page said.

Another familiar item on the site had to be removed to make room for construction. The gazebo that stood on the west side of the building had to come down to make way for the electrical conduit. It didn't come down easy. The pillars went through the floor pad and took quite a bit of work to remove.

The new generators for the facility are expected on the site in about two weeks and crews are getting ready to pour the pads for the generators.

Dimension steel is going up and will continue to go up to the east, Patton said.

The PRMC emblem will have to come down to make room for more steel.

Construction meets obstacles that were not shown on the charts. Crews are constantly coming across something they had not expected.

"It's like a big puzzle. I lose power every day on something," Patton said.

"We have new issues every day. There are so many hidden things."

Patton and Page invited the commissioners to come to the site and take a tour.

Besides progress on the hospital, progress is also being made on filling the community service coordinator position. The commissioners have received 12 applications for the position.

David Wiley, director of South Central Kansas Community Corrections, Ken Van Blaricum, Pratt County Attorney and Kathy Harvey, representing Court Services along with Commissioner Glenna Borho will review the applications and establish a final number of applicants to interview for the position.

Nick Birdsong, Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake manager, said new carports have been installed at the lake on some piers. A new handicapped-accessible swing has also been installed in the playground area.

He also requested and received permission to have the lake included in the "Kansas RV and Boat Directory." The directory is well read and should help increase visits to the lake.

Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn said he was getting a lot of weekend inmates serving sentences and was having difficulty finding space.

He also said that some inmates had to spend up to three years in jail because some misdemeanors were being sentenced consecutively. Normally, inmates are not allowed to serve over a year in jail but with the current system, this is happening to a point it is causing a population problem in the jail.

The Pratt County Jail has 10 cells with a total of 30 beds. If the jail is at capacity and more prisoners have to be housed, they will have to go to some other facility and Pratt County would have to pay to house those prisoners.

Tim Branscom, emergency manager, said he would have the Emergency Operations Plan ready to present to the state by the end of January as required. He is getting the final adjustments to the plan.