For the second year in a row, Pratt High Forensics has earned membership in the National Forensics League's 100 Club — which means that the team is in the top 10 percent of schools nationwide for points earned. Forty-eight students received these points for their work last year.

Students earn points through competition in speech and debate throughout the year. Plus they can earn points through service — speaking to community groups, acting in plays, presenting at churches.

One example of earning service points was when sophomore Katie Buhler recently discussed the value of 4H with elementary school students and teachers, when she presented a prepared speech at Southwest. Another example was when junior Jacob Schaefer acted in the PCC summer theatre production of JUNGLE BOOK.

All of the students who are both members of National Forensic League and cast members of PHS' upcoming production of Little Mermaid Jr. will receive service points.

Still, the vast majority of points are earned through competition in acting and speech events at forensics tournaments, and in debate rounds at fall meets.

Coaches Rose Beilman, Chris Lyman, and Kyle Farmer work with students throughout the year on forensics and debate, and with the students' hard work and dedication, the team has once again earned distinction.