County residents who live north of the Pratt County Landfill will be seeing less trash escaping the site when a new fence is installed.

County Commissioners approved the additional fencing at the Tuesday commission meeting.

Jason Winkel, landfill and recycling supervisor, said the proposed fence would be approximately 1,000 feet long across the entire length of the pit and about 300 feet north of the active pit.

The fence will be five feet tall with T-posts every five feet for support. The Commissioners approved a maximum of $2,000 for the fence using materials from a local supplier.

The landfill employees will do all the labor and they want to get the project complete before winter sets in, Winkel said.

A fence is already in place on the property line around the landfill and it catches some of the windblown debris but the additional fencing will help catch more trash especially on windy days.

Winkel said he had to replace a scraper tire after it was punctured by rebar from a construction site load. Metal in construction material is supposed to be separated before it comes to the landfill but sometimes that doesn't happen.

"We do random screening but we can't see everything," Winkel said.

If mixed loads continue to come in, it might require a change in the charge to construction loads.

A piece of metal from a construction load recently went through the cab window of a landfill scraper and missed the driver. Winkel said he would look into window guards for his vehicles.

The landfill covers about 37 acres and is broken into four phases. To make his job easier, Winkel has broken each phase into cells that allows him to keep more precise records of each area.

It also helps him meet the state requirement to have funds on hand to cover the closure costs of the landfill if that ever became necessary, a requirement for landfill operators.

Winkel has new maps from consultant Allied Environmental. Allied also does water well testing at the site and current tests show no problems with ground water.