Fireplace ashes and wind started a fire Tuesday afternoon that melted siding and burned grass and trees at the Faye Graff residence seven miles west of Pratt and about a mile north of U.S. 54.

A late Tuesday afternoon fire melted siding and burned grass and trees at the Faye Graff residence northwest of Pratt.

Firefighters from Cullison, with assistance from Pratt firefighters, quickly controlled the fire that started when Graff dumped some fireplace ashes on the south side of her residence at 291 NW 70th Avenue.

Graff said the ashes had been in a bucket for 24 hours before she dumped them out. She went back into the house to get some items from a downstairs closet and then went back upstairs where she saw the smoke.

Graff said she went outside and saw smoke in the grass by the southwest corner of the house where she dumped the ashes and went to get a garden hose to put out the fire.

She was unaware that the fire had already spread around the west end of the house, melted all the siding on the west end and gotten into some evergreen trees.

She had the hose hooked up but the water pressure was low. Neighbor Dwight Adams arrived and used a shovel to put out the fire burning around a propane tank.

Damage to the property included the melted siding, burned grass and trees and some railroad ties.

Graff and none of the firefighters were injured in the fire that was reported just before 4 p.m.