Pratt County Sheriff warns area residents to be alert for several telephone scams.

Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn said several residents have been the targets of a number of scams recently.

So far, no one has given out personal information but the number of attempts has been frequent lately.

In one scam, the caller says the person has won a large sum of money and a UPS truck will deliver the money tomorrow. All you have to do is give them information.

In the second scam, people are told they their Pratt County Taxes are delinquent. The person is instructed to call 425-214-0746 to avoid being arrested. The number doesn't work but the caller tries to get information before the victim makes the call.

The last situation is a caller saying a grandchild is in jail in another part of the country and needs you to send a specific amount of money ASAP for bond, Chinn said.

The court, sheriff's office and government agencies will not call you on the phone to bill you or threaten you if you don't pay, Chinn said.

The bulk of these calls start with Mr./Mrs. (your last name), how are things out in Pratt or how is the weather? That is your first clue you need to hang up.

Never give out information to someone who calls you. If you have won something, no more information is needed and it will be delivered, Chinn said.

There is no safe way to talk to these callers. If you stay on the line, chances are they will get information and use it to steal from you, Chinn said.