Nancy Smith, new community work service coordinator, wasted no time in getting people back to doing community service. But it did take some time to find out just who was available from her files.

She started with 162 open case files and discovered that 13 had no current address and no way to contact them, seven were either under house arrest or in jail and could not serve at this time.

By the time she narrowed everything down she had a list of 74 that could do community service, Smith said during the last County Commissioners meeting.

Smith said she has had good response since she started working and 40 have signed up for community service.

Many of the hours of community service are done at the recycling center and at the humane society. Smith has contacted the Hope Center and wants to work with them for another option to serve.

Robert Torres, environmental services director, reported that the response to a radon story in the Tribune has been very good and all his detectors have been given out.

More are available at the Pratt County Extension office for $5.

The county health department still has 270 flu doses available. The response to flu shots has been very good with 1,010 doses given out in the community.

It is not to late to get a flu shot but the sooner the better because it takes some time for it to be active.

Debbie McGraw, director of Public Health, said the hospital is reporting some cases of flu that require hospitalization.

McGraw said Family Planning would need an advisory board to be eligible for grants. Family Planning had 158 women use their services in 2013.

Mark McManaman, administrator of Emergency and Medical Services for Pratt County, said that with rising costs and the number of people seeking injections, the health department would need more money to cover the cost of those vaccinations. The department spent $153,000 on vaccinations in 2013.

The health department patient load of 6,782 for 2013 was down 359 from the 2012 total of 7,141. The age range was from three days old to 101 years old so they are getting a good cross section.

However, McGraw said they are working to get more adolescents to the department because that age group has low numbers.

Pam Howell requested and received permission to hold a charity run at the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake to raise money for the Pratt Area Humane Society.

A similar run was held in Lemon Park in 2013 with 250 participating in the 5K run that featured volunteers throwing colored cornstarch on runners at five stations.

The event is set for May 31.

D.J. McMurry, Pratt County appraiser, said some partaking in the revitalization program are not presenting an itemized list as required. If those people do not provide the necessary documentation then they will not be allowed to take part in the program and will have to pay the full property tax and not get a rebate, McMurry said.

Pratt County resident Junette Bealby again shared concerns about several neighbors. The Commissioners said since the area in question is on private property, they had no jurisdiction and she would have to contact law enforcement.

At the next meeting of the Commission, beginning at 4 p.m. Monday, commissioners will hear a construction update on Pratt Regional Medical Center.